"Googlebar: Screenshots"


These screenshots, taken from our latest stable release (version 0.6.17), demonstrate various features of the Googlebar, as well as our new and improved icon set.

The Googlebar default view places links to more advanced search options under the Googlebar logo, as well as offering easy access to any of more than 25 specialized Google searches.

Right-clicking anywhere on the Googlebar produces a context menu with options to display more buttons for Google's specialty searches or hide buttons currently displayed. From this context menu, items that normally appear on menus can even be promoted to the main toolbar (such as the "Page Info" options). There is also an option to show or hide descriptive labels for each button.

The web page context menu offers a number of easy-to-access Google search options related to that page, including a way to make the "result navigation" buttons work as "next" and "previous" buttons for a step-by-step tutorial.

Using the preferences panel, users can configure the Googlebar in a variety of ways, as well as access an easy one-click uninstall feature.

For more information on what the Googlebar can do, see our Help and FAQ's page.