"Googlebar: Help Wanted"

Help Wanted

This page isn't a finished product; expect wild typos and wilder promises.

In the past, people have contacted us either requesting a number of new features or asking that we fix existing features. Usually we try to help out, but sometimes, either due to simple lack of time (everyone on the project is very busy in real life), or perhaps lack of imagination, there are some requests we've never gotten around to fulfilling. For all who've asked how they can get involved in the project, then, we present a list of the most frequently mentioned issues that we could use help in fixing (We don't plan on implementing Pagerank; other projects that have done so have been censured by Google for trying).

Benefits: Interested in helping? This is an independent project, not a company, so we can't pay you a cent- but anyone who contributes gets listed in the credits page. Also, we're currently looking at taking on new and talented developers, so you may get access to the project as a member of the Googlebar team (which can be given by sending an email to Andy Edmonds, the project manager). This offer is open to anyone, including past contributors whose addresses we may have lost- just show us what you can do!

Contributing: To contribute your code, just email it as an attachment to the Googlebar mailing list or attach it to the newest "uber-bug" mentioned on the project homepage- patches and full files are equally fine. We'll look it over, and if it looks good, check it in, give you credit, and, if desired, grant CVS access. Interested? Read on.

The most common issues still standing

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered and contributed, about a dozen of the issues raised here already have been fixed. What's left? A few things:

1: Beta Testers- You don't have to code to get involved. Currently, we have very limited software and hardware available for testing new releases on- mostly the work is done on Windows, and we've missed several Linux issues in the past. You can help a lot just by telling us if there are problems on Linux, Macintosh, etc.

2: New Feature Requests- We're always looking for new things to add to the googlebar, so if you have any ideas, feel free to file a feature request bug (current exceptions: PageRank, because we could get sued, and adding other search engines; other projects handle this very well already. If you're really adamant, try our new GooglebarExtras feature in version 0.7).

3: Translations- If you would like to see the googlebar in a language besides English, check the Googlebar localization project, and if your language is not available, read our translation how-to, then contribute your work.

4: General cleanup/innovation- If none of these possibilities appeal, consider looking through the code and tweaking. We welcome any great new ideas, as well as any modifications that make the code faster, smaller, and easier to read.

We depend on community support- Thanks for the help!!

-The Googlebar team