"Googlebar: Feedback"


   Submitted by: The Googlebar Team on Tuesday 19th April 2005 at 00:00 -0500

Our feedback pages have moved. All previous comments have been linked and archived here, but all future correspondence will take place in the Googlebar Forums.

If you are having trouble accessing the forums then please send an email message to our mailing list and let us know.

Let us know what features you'd like to see added to the Googlebar in the future. If reporting a bug, or for email response, please submit your bug to bugzilla (note that in some cases, we may have already fixed the problem - be sure to check the latest versions of files in cvs). If you have a question about translations, please use the space on that page. We appreciate your feedback.

The old feedback pages were very cumbersome and were getting difficult to search through and manger, so users are now advised to use our new Googlebar Forums to request assistance or leave feedback.

You can still see all old comments - over two year's worth - here, and also see the other archives linked below.

Archived Notes:
October 27th 2002 - March 22nd 2003,
March 22nd 2003 - March 7th 2004,
March 07th 2004 - July 8th 2004,
July 8th 2004 - December 15th 2004,
December 15th 2004 - April 19th 2005

We commonly receive questions on a few basic issues that may have been answered before. Answers to most of these are on the help and FAQs page, so make sure to read that page first. Also, PLEASE READ RECENT FEEDBACK MESSAGES BEFORE POSTING YOUR OWN- many common questions not yet on the help page have ALREADY been answered! This will save time all around, and give our developers more time for healthy, productive social lives... or new development work, but who's counting?