"Googlebar: Feedback"

Notes from March 22nd 2002 - March 7th 2003

[102] Submitted by: John Woods Saturday March 22nd 2003
Michael- If you wanna whip up a script, and submit it in bug 3415 i'll see what can be done with it. I know that mozilla doesn't have those chmod commands available to install through XPInstall. That's a problem, for sure, but the general idea has been changed to install to your user profile, unless you are root. This might be useful to test drive something before it becomes permanent in the system installation. Ie. /usr/lib/mozilla-1.3/chrome/googlebar binds into the main chrome.rdf file in the folder above. Removing software from mozilla is haphazard, must be done precisely or it may break beyond most people's ability to repair it. See posts here and elsewhere to confirm my position. Now, if you have a new (1.3 final and above) mozilla, and install googlebar by answering 'ok' to the first question(requesting permission to install to your user profile, or home directory, and you agree to this, there is no reason for us to chmod chown anything. This also allows real system admins (such as yourself) to be the one to give access to all users by doing the /usr/lib/mozilla-1.3/chrome/googlebar install and setting the appropriate permissions. This is the *n?x way to do things. But I am glad you had no problem to speak of in the new install. Submit a script, we'll include it for the convenience to sysadmins. Might as well do a few for the various shells, bash csh etc.
[103] Submitted by: DrunkenIrish Tuesday April 1st 2003
My inability to install the google toolbar is the only thing keeping me from using Mozilla full-time. For starters, from the install page, if I click on install (next to "download"), it just reloads the page. If I click on "download" I get an xpi file.

I assume that this needs to be unzipped, so I extracted it. I found a file called "install" that's a java file. I click on that and all I get is "windows script host. syntax error. microsoft jscript compilation error".

What's going on? I just want this to work.

[104] Submitted by: AndyB Tuesday April 1st 2003
DrunkenIrish... the XPI should install automatically when you click install... check on the prefs panel (I forget where and don't have a copy of mozilla handy right now) to make sure that the installation of XPI files is enabled (probably under "Advanced" options). There's no need to unzip it... mozilla does that in the process of installing and follows the guidelines we give it in that install.js file you found. Anyway, if you're not even getting the installation dialog, make sure the ability to install is enabled first.
[105] Submitted by: DrunkenIrish Tuesday April 1st 2003
wow, a quick response, which managed to not insult my lack of experience with Mozilla, and helped me. Thanks tons Andy!
[106] Submitted by: Fredrik Thursday April 3rd 2003
I really like the screenshots with the new icons. When will they be available for download?

BTW Thanks for a great tool which makes it possible to use another browser than IE =)

[107] Submitted by: John Woods Thursday April 3rd 2003
[108] Submitted by: John Woods Thursday April 3rd 2003
It's in XPI-rimental.xpi now, see the bottom of bug 3361 for good news(improvements )and bad(late model Phoenix and Apple OSX install) before upgrading. Install errors... go in bug 3415, and we'll try to get you up and running.


If you do't want to wait, and the new one doesn't work out, the previous one can still be downloaded here:

[109] Submitted by: John Woods Thursday April 3rd 2003
hmmm, let's see if this works.
[110] Submitted by: Fredrik Friday April 4th 2003
No the XPI-rimental.xpi doesn't work. It says user cancelled after its being downloaded. But the 4.6.032 works like a charm =)
[111] Submitted by: John Woods Friday April 4th 2003
could you post in bug 3415 the install.log file
Have you already installed to your user profile?
[112] Submitted by: Fredrik Saturday April 5th 2003
Now I have managed to install 5.0. I renamed the /googlebar dir and then everything went fine. Looks smashing!
[113] Submitted by: John Woods Saturday April 5th 2003
Glad you tried again, and I see you took advantage of the msg regarding duplicate installations. Just multi-user installations for now. Now at least there is an error msg with instructions if you have both multi-user single-user googlebars installed. Sorry about that one.

As a bonus it will try to set up permissions for all users in unix. Michael G. Katzmann, care to give it a whirl?

Our Apple OSX tester/developer Bernd is on vacation, but his fix to allow repeated installations for that platform is now in the XPI-rimental.xpi. It's a unix without a root user or something, so I just gotta take his word for it.

Some features do not work with the latest phoenix, hotkeys (both of them), and uninstall. Phoenix's preference panel has changed, so ours isn't showing up anymore, though milestone .5's has been fixed to show up when phoenix shows the prefs panel. It needs a separate page really.

[114] Submitted by: John Woods Sunday April 6th 2003
Phoenix hotkeys fixed, and now in the XPI-rimental.xpi
(cmd | ctrl-F8) view/hide googlebar
(cmd | ctrl-F12) places the caret in the search text box

kudos here go to Chris Neale. More in store for phoenix.

[115] Submitted by: John Woods Thursday April 10th 2003
...more in the store. Phoenix prefs are back! So is this feedback. Again, the thanks go to Chris Neale.

[116] Submitted by: Mike Keller Thursday April 10th 2003
Have installed the "experimental" google bar in Netscape 7.02 and so far there have been no bugs found...i was even able to go to preferences/googlebar and uninstall it! whether or not some files were left behind, i'm not sure. but i reinstalled it and i'm using with pleasure. Hats off to you developers! Great JOB!! I will continue to test each area and check back.
[117] Submitted by: Mike Keller Thursday April 10th 2003
Sorry...Questions, comments e-mail at mirock at canada dot com
[118] Submitted by: jonh Friday April 11th 2003
thank for this comments
[119] Submitted by: Philip M Saturday April 12th 2003
The drop down search history needs to be persistent between browser restarts and between windows restarts. Please, its super easy! Make it work - it makes me so much more efficeint.
[120] Submitted by: E. Flood Thursday April 17th 2003
This did not work. I tried installing the toolbar, but
all I got was a BIG space at the bottom with the text:

Menuitem id="view_gg_menuitem"

in red. Uninstalling toolbar did not help, eventually I had to reinstall Mozilla. (Mozilla version 1.0, Windows 98 on a laptop.) Anyone knows what happened?

[121] Submitted by: John Woods Friday April 18th 2003
You get that when you install the older versions.
see bug 1932 for that, really nasty one

Try installing the XPI-rimental.xpi version.
That is what is referred to as the "locale errors", which were fixed in January. Before resorting to reinstalling Mozilla, you could post me a note in bug 3415 I have a new *total* uninstaller I'm just finishing the language translation tags on. This should also allow installing to your user profile instead of the current all users if you really want to. Give us a little while to test this out and it will be in the XPI-rimental.xpi If anyone wants to test this, let me know in bug 3415 or bug 3361

[122] Submitted by: Tom Saturday April 19th 2003
Thanks you for the web, it is what I needed to complete my work.
You do a very good work and you must feel proud of it.

[123] Submitted by: dan jones Sunday April 20th 2003
downloaded on 4-20-03. All I get are sanskrit or cyrillic fonts, no english. the 'translate to english" part only partially converts to english.
What gives?
How do I get all english?
[124] Submitted by: John Woods Sunday April 20th 2003
Go to prefs and reset your country, you have a choice now. Old pref for USA (first in the list) is now seen as Arab Emirates.
[125] Submitted by: Ralf Moll Monday April 21st 2003
I had also the problem with the Arab Emrirates Google Search language and I can't change it to German. I had to edit the /profil/xxxx/prefs.js manually and set
user_pref("googlebar.country2Search", 49); to "49" (was "0".
That's the way it works :-)


[126] Submitted by: John Woods Monday April 21st 2003
Yes the 'Easter in the Arab Emirates' bug kept my attention yesterday in bug 3641 which is now fixed in the xpi also. I was more concerned with the install issues, since we're taking a chance again and going with user profile installs, than a user 'preference'. But I was quite surprised when I found my test doing the same thing. I usually just download any new xpi to make sure it arrived in one piece.

So once again, after you set the preference for your country up, click OK, and then open a new tab or window to force the preferences to be read from disk and used.
It doesn't update the preference for the current window yet. If you installed early yesterday, might be faster to just reinstall it than it was to read this. :)

[127] Submitted by: Filippo Wednesday April 23rd 2003
Phoenix (now Firebird) 0.6 (23-04-03 build)- Win xp
I had the problem with Arab Emirates. With the new version the problem is solved, but I can't change to Italy the prefs. In prefs.js in my profile under application data etc I see user_pref("googlebar.country2Search", 17) that is right, but when I search something is in google.com (english). If i try to change the prefs from the options nothing changes. The next time I enter there I find again United States. Also I can't access the options from the menu pushing the G, but only from the settings of phoenix.
How can I solve those problems?
Thanks, googlebar is a good job....
[128] Submitted by: John Woods Thursday April 24th 2003
Ok that is fixed. It had to do with the same thing that keeps the context menu always on, in Fb. Fb ignores some things that are honored in moz, like the way we set the context menu on and off. Why? I use moz, and without all the great tools moz has, it is harder to tell. Much harder.
As for the 'G' Toolbar Options, that also doesn't work in Fb, that is another 'Moz only' feature for right now. The good news is in solving the country pref thing, at least we can tell if we're 'running' in Fb or in Moz. At least then we can hide the things that only work in one browser.

Remember, after you set the country pref, you still have to open a new tab (or window if you don't use tabs), before the country pref is going to be used in the search. Maybe that should be the next thing to spruce up eh? Well it is in the XPI-rimental.xpi, and is now version, and says so in the preferences. So if you run Fb, and want to use another country besides the USA, you will need that one.

[129] Submitted by: Filippo Thursday April 24th 2003
Thank you very much, the new version works.

About the G toolbar options: in the version 0.46 it worked with Phoenix (Fb).


[130] Submitted by: John Woods Friday April 25th 2003
Phoenix/fb changed a short time ago. For a while, we didn't have any preferences in px. But all's well that ends well. Glad it works for you. I'll be putting the fix to eliminate the need to open 'new tabs or windows' to get the country to work, up later.
[131] Submitted by: Robert Fernandes Thursday May 1st 2003
Added an attachment for bug 1639 (persistent storage of search terms) which also includes the ability to turn this feature on/off via the preferences screen. These changes are based off the release.

Get more info here - http://mozdev.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=1639

Download the attachment here - http://mozdev.org/bugs/showattachment.cgi?attach_id=1015

[132] Submitted by: Robert Fernandes Thursday May 1st 2003
Would be nice to have a button added for searching Google Images.
[133] Submitted by: Robert Fernandes Thursday May 1st 2003
Uh, never mind. Didn't see the Images search under the drop down menu.
[134] Submitted by: Peter Thursday May 1st 2003

[135] Submitted by: John Woods Thursday May 1st 2003
Robert's patch is in the normal installation xpi and cvs now.
[136] Submitted by: manno Friday May 2nd 2003
dear spammers,
is this the right way to get a high google pagerank? i think no!
[137] Submitted by: Robert Fernandes Friday May 2nd 2003
Added an attachment for bug 3595 (highlight search terms after page refresh/change). These changes are based off the latest XPI as of 5/1/03 - 0.5.0.something

Get more info here - http://mozdev.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=3595

Download the attachment here - http://mozdev.org/bugs/showattachment.cgi?attach_id=1022

Fix only affects a single file, googlebarOverlay.js

[138] Submitted by: Fredrik Saturday May 3rd 2003
Great to see the search history now working. Are there any plans to include the news button in future releases?
[139] Submitted by: Robert Fernandes Monday May 5th 2003
The News search is already there, just like the images search. It's just not in the main set of buttons to the right of the search criteria box. It's under the "Special searches" drop down menu (the magnifying glass icon).

It's the "Current Events search" just above the "Unclesam search" and it searches against news.google.com

[140] Submitted by: Charles Barr Monday May 5th 2003

I built an online utility to convert public webpages to pdf documents. Users submit URLs and their e-mail address and my site creates a pdf of the webpage and e-mails the pdf document to the user. Check out www.2convert.com and click "Convert a Webpage" to try the service. It's very simple.

Anyway, I would like to offer the utility to the googlebar project for free. You can add the webpage to pdf utility by adding a little pdf icon to the toolbar. WHen user click the icon, the current URL is posted into the conversion utility, the user provides his e-mail address, and the pdf is sent to the user.

If you want it, just drop me a line and I'll send over some code and an icon.

Thanks, Charles

[141] Submitted by: Robert Fernandes Tuesday May 6th 2003
New attachment released for bug 3595 (Highlight search terms after page refresh/change). This change makes the highlight button work across all tabs and not just the currently selected tab, and thus also keeps highlight working across all tabs when the current page is changed/refreshed.

Get the attachment here (googlebarOverlay.js) -

[142] Submitted by: John Woods Tuesday May 6th 2003
Robert's change checked in and installable from the installation page. Also is the fox for a text cutoff problem for some chars like q p j g, where the lower portion wasn't visible. The fix increases the overall height of the toolbar slightly.
[143] Submitted by: Rgreene Tuesday May 6th 2003
I added the patch that Ufuk Kayserilioglu sent to the mailing list in late April. I love the patch, and would like to see it added to the xperimental install. This patch brings in the ability for mozilla to add terms to the googlebar when you type them into the google page. Is there any way to track these patches for when (or if) they might have been added?
[144] Submitted by: John Woods Wednesday May 7th 2003
You can browse the source for any file in the project. The Source Code link up top, links you into the repository files. There are usually some comments along with changes to any file, unless it's done in 'batch' mode.
[148] Submitted by: Robert Fernandes Wednesday May 7th 2003
Added new bug 3721 - Problem with "search for selected text" button - along with a proposed solution as an attachment.

This addresses 2 problems. First, selected text wouldn't always be recognized (alert would popup saying nothing was selected when it really was). Second, if selected text was found then the search box would be populated with the text but no search term buttons were created.

[149] Submitted by: Bernd Kuemmerlen Wednesday May 7th 2003
For the patch from Ufuk, you can track bug 815, the patch was added there and the bug will be closed when this is included...
[150] Submitted by: Kevin Thursday May 8th 2003
This thing is great.

It'd be cool though if you implemented the new experimental features of the Google toolbar.
E.g. they now have a single drop down button for searching web,news,groups etc... That'd be great as it's a real space saver.

The 'foreward' & 'back' buttons are something that's great too.

I like the new look, though some of the new icons are a little confusing. The mouse and image search for example. Keep up the good work.

[151] Submitted by: Robert Fernandes Thursday May 8th 2003
> It'd be cool though if you implemented the new experimental features of the Google toolbar.
> E.g. they now have a single drop down button for searching web,news,groups etc... That'd be great as it's a real space saver.

> The 'foreward' & 'back' buttons are something that's great too.

Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't even know there were experimental features of the Google toolbar until you pointed that out.

1. Combined Search Button - interesting feature but not totally necessary since googlebar does some of this button combining already.

2. Browser Control - mainly used to stop windows from popping up on the onLoad window event. Mozilla stops unwanted popus already so this doens't seem helpful.

3. Navigation - this is a really cool feature but would probably be pretty tough to implement. Google appears to parse the search result page and find all links, check which one you have navigated to and then allow you to go the the prev/next page in the result if one exists. It doesn't span pages though (if you click on the last result in a page it doesn't give you a 'next' option of going to the first result of the second page) which makes it a little easier.

This would be a good candidate for a post 0.5 release feature addition. Any thoughts?

[152] Submitted by: Bernd Kuemmerlen Thursday May 8th 2003
I support what Robert says regarding points 1. and 2.
Number 3. (the Forward/Backward buttons) would be nice to have, and I think they could be implemented together with bug #3449...
[154] Submitted by: Trey Friday May 9th 2003
It would be nice if you could change the order of the buttons in the toolbar. Also, when I search at Google.com my results do not appear in the toolbar. This would be a very cool feature to have :)
[155] Submitted by: Bernd Kuemmerlen Saturday May 10th 2003
The synchronization of stuff entered directly at google.com with the toolbar will come, see bug #815 for the progress on this
[156] Submitted by: John Woods Saturday May 10th 2003
Ufuk's bug 815 patch in now merged into
It updates the google results page with the googlebar search terms. There have been many improvements of late provided by Ufuk Kayserilioglu & Robert Fernandes.

[157] Submitted by: new user Thursday May 15th 2003
when I type text into the google bar, the lower part of letters such as g,y,q is not seen well, as the text box seems to be too short (not heigh enough) to include the entire letter. I am using latest mozilla and latest google bar...

[158] Submitted by: Bernd Kuemmerlen Thursday May 15th 2003
This problem was supposed to be fixed some time ago. Please give the exact version number of the googlebar you are using (which can be found on the googlebar options panel) together with your mozilla version (which can be found on the "About Mozilla" menu) and what theme you are using.
[159] Submitted by: Bernd Kuemmerlen Thursday May 15th 2003
I forgot: If the problem persists with new versions of mozilla and googlebar, please add the information about your setup to bug #3574
[160] Submitted by: morph Tuesday May 20th 2003
With the country set to some country other than america (eg Australia), the glossary search doesn't work!! I get 'unable to contact host labs.google.com.au' or something.

also, 'Toolbar options' from the googlebar menu does nothing for me. I can only get to the settings from the extensions panel in the Phoenix settings.

otherwise, it is great to see the search history working! and no red XUL errors this version! icons look good too!
googlebar, Mozilla Firebird 0.6

[161] Submitted by: Robert Fernandes Wednesday May 21st 2003

both issues you brought up have been addressed and corrected, see the bug pages for details. however, it is unclear as to when these fixes will be committed to cvs and released as they are part of some other changes going on simultanesouly.

[162] Submitted by: morph Thursday May 22nd 2003
great to hear, thanks!
[163] Submitted by: janK Tuesday May 27th 2003
oh mama! now i won't launch IE, ever!!! :-]
[164] Submitted by: janK Tuesday May 27th 2003
just pls change the awful "g" to any other Googlish icon. thnx.
[165] Submitted by: Giang Tran Friday May 30th 2003
PLEASE GUYS, the history is still lost after the program is closed (CRYING>>>)
[166] Submitted by: sebastien Friday May 30th 2003
I agree with janK ( I kept the version *just* because the logo is much better than on my other computer where I updated it. An option to switch between icons and to let us have the choice between buttons/skins would be nice.
[167] Submitted by: murray Wednesday June 4th 2003

Using Phoenix 0.6 on WinXP, and I've tried to install the Googlebar on two separate computers, but it doesn't work. The installation proceeds fine, it says it's done, but then when I restart Phoenix, it doesn't show up. Not in the Options->Extensions window, not in View->Toolbars.

This is the only feature that I miss from IE. What should I do?

[168] Submitted by: John Woods Thursday June 5th 2003

the old style stuff is included in a file called oldstyles.zip. It may break things if you try to restore the old layout completely, it has the old images. It should be in the skin subdir of the googlebar installation.

If you haven't resolved the install issue yet, you can go to bug 3415 and we will see what can be done about it. I had some trouble myself getting Robert's latest from the XPI-rimental, where it was using an older version in the browser cache, instead of actually downloading the darn thing. I had to use the save as, and install it locally. In your mozilla.orgMozilla folder is a file: install.log, take a look at that for clues.. or you can post it in the bug 3415 and I'll look it over.

Jank: glad you like it, and have one less reason to use IE. If you would like to talk about the g icon, with the 'icons' guy Bob Mulcahy directly, you can in bug 3755. It's the new icons needed bug. I've come to like the little g myself. It needs less toolbar room than what was there before.

[169] Submitted by: morph Saturday June 7th 2003

>> An option to switch between icons and to let us have the choice between buttons/skins would be nice.

no way!! they (googlebar team) should just pick a decent (small, simple) one and be done with it.
I reckon the 'g' is good - small and sensible, suitable for a (relatively) seldom-used menu.
The more space available for search terms buttons, the better!


[170] Submitted by: paul Sunday June 8th 2003

first, thanks for this great extension - its the reason i switched from IE :)

I find the behaviour of site search slightly strange. maybe the site:www.xyz.com should be hidden from the search terms.

Also, say you've just used site search and are looking at the google results - if you now alter the search terms and click site search again, it searches google, not the site you were on. This seems a little counter intuative to me.

[171] Submitted by: snorkel Monday June 9th 2003

Great add-on. For me it's also the reason I was finally able to move away from IE.

It was easy to add additional search buttons: I added imdb (www.imdb.com) and acronymfinder (www.acronymfinder.com) as these are two I use frequently. (All that was needed were small modifications to 5 files and new pngs for the icons).

These might be worth considering for a future release, although I know there are thousands of different search engines for different types of information, and not all can (or should) be added.

Thanks for a great tool!

[172] Submitted by: Robert Fernandes Tuesday June 10th 2003


Both of your suggestions are good ones. I agree that the 'site:site-name' term should be hidden from the search terms. I also agree that when you perform a site search, change the terms, and do another site search that it should search the original site and not Google.

This is how the IE Google toolbar works and we attempt to closely match that functionality. I will look into getting this stuff incorporated into the next version.

Another thing not mentioned which I think also applies here is that in the IE toolbar the site search button is actually disabled if you are on one of the Google sites - which makes sense because you probably wouldn't perform a Google search against Google now would you? I'll probably implement this as well.


Glad to hear that it was easy to modify the toolbar to meet your specific needs, that is one of the benefits of having a tool like this available with all of the source code for you to freely modify as you see fit.

However, these other search engines most likely wouldn't be added to the project itself since the main goal is to match Google functionality as closely as possible. However, here are other search related projects (listed on the main page here) that do deal with other search engines. For more information, you can also see the FAQ here -

Thanks for the positive feedback on the toolbar.

[173] Submitted by: Robert Fernandes Tuesday June 10th 2003

Interesting, for some reason the FAQ URL didn't appear in my last comment. Let me try again... it can be found here -

[174] Submitted by: Bernd Kuemmerlen Tuesday June 10th 2003


it seems that (at last), a URL-filter has been implemented for the user notes on mozdev. While this is a Good Thing (TM) to stop guestbook spam, it is a bit unexpected to just filter them out...

[175] Submitted by: Robert Fernandes Tuesday June 10th 2003


Agreed. That was curious to suddenly just have all URLs filtered out, but oh well, not necessarily a bad thing.

paul (and others),

your requested feature changes have been incorporated as bug fixes and will go through some testing before being released. so if you're brave enough you can dig through the recent list of bugs and install the latest version which has these changes or just wait until it has been released as our next experimental version ( - probably a week at the most.

[176] Submitted by: John Woods Tuesday June 10th 2003

I was checking 'em in as Robert was writing here. It's in the XPI-rimental.xpi.

2 more icon updates (image groups) 21 touchups and redesigned in the last week or so

Search history list is more naturally displayed:

findbuttons update
(on using an item from the new history list the find buttons should be updated on the toolbar)

and more

[177] Submitted by: Tedy Pranolo Wednesday June 11th 2003

I search in certain newsgroups extensively.
How about adding a drop down button for the "Search google groups" button. The drop down pops up a list of user defined newsgroups to search in (same as adding "group:newsgroupname" in the search box).

[178] Submitted by: Uri Wednesday June 11th 2003

If I select more than one word in a page's text and click "search for selected text", I expect the words to be added to the search phrase as a quoted expression. Makes more sense that way, won't it?

[179] Submitted by: John Woods Wednesday June 11th 2003

Checked in which has another batch of Robert's patches, mostly dealing with the site searching.

No more 'site:www.abc.xyz' in the searchbox or find buttons. Multiple site searches (even allowing changing the criteria) now use the last site searched instead of searching google's results page as the site to search criteria.

[180] Submitted by: Pete Wednesday June 11th 2003

Hi there,
Would it be possible to provide support for googlebar profiles?

An internet profile - the IE/Google toolbar emulation that you have now
An intranet profile - that allows corporate users to customize googlebar to their internal searches.

The profile would contain the info for icons, mouse over text, URLs.

I know this is beyond the scope of what Googlebar was originally meant to be but it seems
to me to be a real value add for googlebar.

If there is any interest in a consulting engagement to implement something like
this please contact me directly.

Thanks again,

> Hi there,
> I've been able to customize Googlebar to:
> - use my search engines at work
> - place a couple of frequently used tools on the
> Netscape 7
> chrome via Googlebar
> But I'm concerned that my customizations won't 'hold'
> as newer releases of Googlebar come out.
> What I'd really like is a way to have my
> customizations all
> in one file that would be independant of the main
> Googlebar
> files and thus would continue to work as new releases
> of
> Googlebar code came out.
> Is this possible?
> Googlebar is a great little productivity tool, thanks
> for developing this.
> Best regards,
> Pete

[181] Submitted by: Robert Fernandes Wednesday June 11th 2003

JW. Sat. May 08, 2004 - For a non mangled version of this comment,see customize.txt here


There is a simple way to make this happen, I do the same thing myself for having multiple versions of the toolbar at home vs. work. It's all about overlays, which are such an amazing thing - very useful.

I will attempt to specify all the steps that need to be done to do this, but it may not come across all that clearly in such a limited amount of text - but I'll do my best. If you have questions you can always send a message to the mailing list and I can respond to questions that way.

Since you have already customized the toolbar for yourself, I'm sure you'll easily be able to do this for yourself. Here is what you need to do:

1. Take all your images and put them into the content/skin/ directory.

2. Create the following 4 files (under googlebar):
- content/skin/extras.css
- locale/en-US/googlebar/googlebarExtras.dtd
- content/googlebarExtrasOverlay.js
- content/googlebarExtrasOverlay.xul

3. Now you add your customizations to those 4 files
- stylesheet (image/layout) changes in extras.css
- button labels / tooltips in googlebarExtras.dtd
- javascript functions in googlebarExtrasOverlay.js
- xul elements (buttons, menuitems, etc.) in googlebarExtrasOverlay.xul

Note for .js file: Be careful when putting functions in the js file. If you have a function that has the same name as one if the googlebarOverlay.js file then you will override that function and the toolbar will probably behave irradically. I would recommend starting all function names with googlebarExtras, unless of course you WANT to override the default functionality. Also, because of how this is done (as you'll soon see) you will have access to all googlebarOverlay.js functions in the extras file if you need to call them.

Note for .xul file: The overlay works by putting your extras elements on top of the default googlebar. Where your items go depend on 2 things, the name of the item and the value of the insertbefore attribute. For example, to add a button to the toolbar (in front of the special searches button) and be able to hide it using the context menu, you would use something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<!DOCTYPE window SYSTEM "chrome://googlebar/locale/googlebarExtras.dtd" >

<overlay xmlns="

<popup id="Googlebar-contextmenu">
<menuitem id="myButtonMenuitem"
label="My Button"

<hbox id="googlebar-buttons">
tooltiptext="My Button"

<hbox id="googlebar-buttons-labeled">
tooltiptext="My Button"


Notice the inclusion of the .dtd file at the top of this file. This is where your labels come from for your custom items - the rest of the files get included elsewhere (next step).

4. Lastly all you have to do is edit the googlebarOverlay.xul file so that it knows to include your files. The other steps only need to be done once, this step will need to be done every time because the changes you make to this file will be overwritten when you install a new version of the toolbar. However, it's only 3 lines of changes so it's no big deal.

4a. Change this (towards top of file):

<?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://googlebar/content/skin/default.css" type="text/css"?>

to this:

<?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://googlebar/content/skin/default.css" type="text/css"?>
<?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://googlebar/content/skin/extras.css" type="text/css"?>

4b. Change this (towards top of file):

<?xul-overlay href="chrome://googlebar/content/googlebarPopupOverlay.xul"?>

to this:

<?xul-overlay href="chrome://googlebar/content/googlebarExtrasOverlay.xul"?>
<?xul-overlay href="chrome://googlebar/content/googlebarPopupOverlay.xul"?>

4c. Change this (a little further down into the file):

<script type="application/x-javascript" src="googlebarOverlay.js"/>

to this:

<script type="application/x-javascript" src="googlebarOverlay.js"/>
<script type="application/x-javascript" src="googlebarExtrasOverlay.js"/>

5. That's it, you're done. Start up Mozilla and you should see your additions to the toolbar.

Bottom line is that once you get your "extras" files created and your graphics, all you have to do is add those 3 lines (in the correct place) to the googlebarOverlay.xul file when you update to a new version and you're ready to have all your changes incorporated into the new version.

I know this was a lot of information, hopefully the feedback engine can handle it, along with all the xml. If not, I'll put it all in an email and post it to the mailing list / newsgroup for others to see.

Good luck.


[182] Submitted by: Robert Fernandes Wednesday June 11th 2003

Obviously there were a couple of details with that piece of feedback. First of all you'll have to replace all of the &lt; with the '<' character. Second, in the example xul file the URL for the xmlns attribute has been stripped out by the filter. It is the same URL that is used most everywhere throughout mozilla. I'll put a purposed messed up version here - put puncuation in the appropriate place or just copy it from another xul file...

http // www.mozilla.org / keymaster / gatekeeper / there.is.only.xul

[183] Submitted by: Robert Fernandes Thursday June 12th 2003

For all those who hadn't noticed, we got a small plug on /. today. People were discussing some CS folks who implemented their own version of a PageRank system - something that we don't have yet and could possibly use in the future. A link on /. will probably increase traffic around here which is a good thing. See the discussion here (link modified so it won't be filtered)

http // slashdot.org / article.pl?sid=03/06/12/1742209&mode=thread&tid=134

[184] Submitted by: Jason Scanzoni Thursday June 12th 2003

One feature that I am missing that is on IE is the combined search w/ google search, image search, group search, etc... Google still has it as an experimental feature if you go to preferences (in IE) and then the last section before the submit buttons, you'll see the link to the experimental features. The specific one i like is the "Combined Search button". I don't care much for their second option, but others may.

[185] Submitted by: snorkel Monday June 16th 2003


Ah, yes, focusing on the google functionality makes perfect sense. I got the idea of adding other searches because there were already some non-google searches in googlebar (e.g., dictionary).

I prefer using a single search field instead of installing an additional toolbar for screen-realestate reasons. So I'm perfectly happy with being able to make my own modifications to googlebar to add the searches I used most.

(I recently added a mapquest button that splits the search string on a comma for each of: street, city, state/prov[, country[, zip/postal code]])

Thanks again!

[186] Submitted by: John Woods Monday June 16th 2003

You can make an attachment in bug 3766 and if it's sound we could kick it around. Google did/does implement a maps
function I read once but a mapquest aid would be welcome.

[187] Submitted by: Raymond Camden Thursday June 19th 2003

Is there a simlpe way to modify the Google and Groups buttons so that they automatically go to the Advanced Search version?

[188] Submitted by: snorkel Thursday June 19th 2003


I added an attachment with the mapquest functionality. I included only the "meat" of the code that performs the query, as well as the icon I used. (You'll have to add the rest of the hooks to make it work.)

The js file in the attachment also has some query syntax information.

If you prefer, I can attach my complete googlebar folder which has it working.

Let me know if you have any questions.

[189] Submitted by: John Woods Sunday June 22nd 2003

I've been away in garnomeland for a while... glad to see the mapquest stuff. I'll get to looking at it this week but thanks ahead of time. :)

[190] Submitted by: nemo Wednesday June 25th 2003

Any chance Google parameters can be stripped from the Search Words? So if I click on [stocks:DIA] I don't get "stocks:DIA was not found on this page"

Either hiding parameters like site: stocks: from the Search Words or using only everything past the : as the key for searching in the page would be nice.

[191] Submitted by: Jed Thursday June 26th 2003

What about implementing the latest Features from the Officual Google bar (beta) toolbar.google.com/index-beta.php

# AutoFill: Automatically fill in a form with the click of a button.
# BlogThis: Create a weblog post pointing to the page you are visiting.


[192] Submitted by: Bernd Thursday June 26th 2003

I don't think we will implement this because this is already part of mozilla/firebird and has nothing to do with google itself (this is also the case for the popup blocker)
This functionality is available through mozblog <mozblog.mozdev.org>, so I don't think we will dive into this either.

[193] Submitted by: Chris Thursday June 26th 2003

I love this! It's the whole reason why I hadn't started using Mozilla.

I just wish I could remove some of the buttons I don't need.

[194] Submitted by: John Woods Thursday June 26th 2003

If you put the mouse over the toolbar (anywhere except the text entry area) you can right click to get our 'main menu'. It has the button names with a checkmark for the ones that are shown. You might need to click some of them twice to get the checkmark to show when it should or shouldn't (this is being corrected but it's not even in cvs yet) You can enable/disable any button, even the group dropdowns. This is in the stable version already.

[195] Submitted by: Jed Friday June 27th 2003

This functionality is available through mozblog <mozblog.mozdev.org>, so I don't think we will dive into this either.

True, but mozBlog does not support Firebird and it doesn't look like to plans to.

If you read the June 23 news here; philringnalda.com/
you will find an extension that implements this in a similar way, i'm sure you coudl use his code if you ask him.

[196] Submitted by: Bernd Kuemmerlen Friday June 27th 2003

Sorry, I didn't realize that mozblog was only available for mozilla... Anyway, if you like you can submit a request for this feature in our bugzilla, which is a better place to discuss something like this.

[197] Submitted by: walter Saturday June 28th 2003

is pagerank inside?
i canīT find it.


[198] Submitted by: Pete Saturday June 28th 2003

Hi there,
I'm a major fan of the googlebar but I have found a problem with newlines.

I'm using googlebar 0.5.07 and have found that when pasting a block of text from an email (or notepad) into the input box, googlebar accepts the text up to the newline and truncates the rest.

I tried pasting the exact same text into the Google Toolbar on IE and it doesn't have a problem with the newlines.

Netscape 7.02 on Win2k w Service Pack 1.
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.0.2) Gecko/20030208 Netscape/7.02

Thanks in advance,

[199] Submitted by: John Woods Sunday June 29th 2003

for explanation see,

It should be easy enough to do.

[200] Submitted by: halts with Alert Tuesday July 1st 2003

I am using the current release of Googlebar with Mozilla 1.2.1 on RedHat Linux 9.0. Lately each use of googlebar aborts with the following Alert:

"Shouldn't have gotten here, but kindly leave us a note on googlebar."

This happened on the rare occasion for a while-- now with every query. I have re-installed but this did not fix the problem.

[201] Submitted by: Installed Trashed 1. Tuesday July 1st 2003

The poster had Googlebar on Mozilla 1.2.1 running in RedHat Linux 9.0. The poster really appreciated having the Googlebar.

Then the poster installed Mozilla 1.4; the install went smoothly. Unfortunately, there was no Googlebar, so the poster tried installing a new version.

In doing so, he may have made an error in how the one person question was answered. In any case, he received a message that Googlebar had installed. He closed Mozilla and attempted to restart it, at which point he encountered a problem. On any user, Mozilla would try, then exit.

So the poster reverted to the previous /usr/bin/mozilla script. He now is running Mozilla 1.2.1 with a new Googlebar. Not what was wanted.

[202] Submitted by: John Woods Tuesday July 1st 2003

trashed 1:
Redhat 9 really glues it in there. You have what appears to be a mixed installation running. That it comes up at all is a miracle, so your ahead of the game, ie. you can see which mozilla has the new googlebar. As opposed to having to search the drive for the new files. I use it too, but I don't have any problem at all. You were running the new one, installed googlebar, and it installed to the old one? Try renaming the old mozilla to something you'll remember what was. Eg.
/usr/lib/mozilla-1.2.1 to usr/lib/mozilla-1.2.1.save

if that doesn't work, let me know in bug 3415. But once the old one doesn't exist by it's known name, you may get new errors which are helpful in tracing the cause.

But you can't seriously blame googlebar for this, the old distributed mozilla should be unavailable to any extension running in a new mozilla install. I did not have to rename my old one, but everytime I create a new linux user profile, the old one is represented on the taskbar. One click and the 1.2.1 comes back to life.
rpm -e mozilla gives a nasty warning about being needed by kdebindings so I wouldn't go that route(remove package) any more problems we can take care of it in bug 3415

good luck!

[203] Submitted by: Pete Tuesday July 1st 2003

Hi John,
With regards to #198
should I open a bug on it?

On a different note, should users be able to
right-click/copy text and right-click/paste text into
the googlebar?

The right-click paste option never comes active when
attempting to put text in the googlebar. The behaviour
is the same on both Solaris and Win2K.

Thanks in advance,

[204] Submitted by: John Woods Tuesday July 1st 2003

Hi Pete,

It's a surefire way to keep our attention. The only thing that hinders that, is if it falls off the top ten and is still active. Then it's below the radar.

>On a different note, should users be able to
>right-click/copy text and right-click/paste text into
>the googlebar?

Yes they should, I do it all the time myself. If you're having a problem, sounds like a good bug to file. You can throw the hard cr removal in it. Though that could be a problem if people overload the widget with 32 k of text. :) You might try ctrl-v on win32, and see if it works. If ctrl-v pastes, it would just be a menu not updating problem. Solaris too?

This is Netscape right? They just put 7.1 out. You could also try that. I guess I'll grab a 7.1 copy. Whoah 30Mb!(Full win32 version)

[205] Submitted by: John Woods Wednesday July 2nd 2003

Netscape 7.1 fixes the copy/paste menu not showing the availability of those items correctly. ctrl-zxcv were still working, but the menu didn't let the user see they were available to be used.

As Bernd points out in bug 3985, clipboard paste functionality is user configurable with this setting...

user_pref("editor.singleLine.pasteNewlines", 0);

see bug 3985 for the various options available.

[206] Submitted by: John Woods Thursday July 3rd 2003

Just put up a new XPI-rimental today. right click on the googlebar should show a few new options. I'm going to wait for Robert to tell you all exactly what they are.

undocumented feature :)
For cases when the browser won't startup, like install trashed 1's upgrade problems, in a linux terminal, or windows dos session... cd to the directory where you installed the mozilla that won't start, if you have more than 1 that is even more important. Once situated type:

mozilla -chrome chrome://googlebar/content/freshStart.xul

googlebar Uninstall appears.
Install trashed 1 should do this in both of the mozilla folders, 1.2.1 and the 1.4.

[207] Submitted by: nemo Monday July 7th 2003

Along with the RFE in #190 , I have a couple more user comments.
If I select text on a page, right-click, and in the context menu try a search while holding down CTRL, it will open a new tab, but it will also load in the original tab as well.

The << < > menu is still working oddly. If I do a news search and hit << it will go back to the last regular google search. Nor will < and > work with the news search. Image search, I also get wierd results. << sends back to wrong last search, < and > also non-functional. Essentially, seems << and < > don't work very well or at all with non regular Google searches. Might be worth mentioning somewhere.

[208] Submitted by: Bernd Kuemmerlen Wednesday July 9th 2003

Nemo, could you put this stuff into bugzilla, things tend to get lost here (I think your previous feedback about the stocks: search was...)? And if you have several different things, please file different bugs.


[209] Submitted by: Chris M Saturday July 12th 2003

I downloaded the first version, then later upgraded after I upgraded to Moz 1.4. Now the googlebar doesn't open searches in a new tad. Is there a fix for this?

[210] Submitted by: Bernd Sunday July 13th 2003

Make sure you have configured the Keyboard shortcuts correctly to open searches in a new tab.

[211] Submitted by: Chris M Sunday July 13th 2003

Oh Duh, thanks Bernd.

[212] Submitted by: chiptuned Tuesday July 15th 2003

Is there any way to move the google toolbar around and integrate it into other toolbars? It would be really nice to drag it just like other standard toolbar elements.

[213] Submitted by: jack Friday July 18th 2003

Just installed Moz 1.4 and I cant install the googlebar. I have tried all the version on the site. It says installation successful/reboot. When I reboot there is no googlebar not even an entry under preferences?

Using Win.

[214] Submitted by: jack Saturday July 19th 2003

hmm had an old profile which I had forgot which caused the installation error. sry. keep up the good work!

[215] Submitted by: John Woods Sunday July 20th 2003

another XPI-rimental.xpi version, with lots of small bugfixes, and the ability to customize the googlebar. After installing this one there will be a few new files:
googlebarExtrasOverlay.xul, googlebarExtrasOverlay.js
read them to see how it is done. An example is inside a 'comment' section so it is not functional. Removing the comments enables the code so you can get a feel for it.
(This was requested up above in comment 180 here)
and is discussed more here http://mozdev.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=3932#c88

Needless to say... this is an enhancement geared for advanced users only, and if you can make it work great! Otoh, we haven't decided how to support this, or what kind of QA this will need etc. I imagine a separate web page here will be needed.

Other news is... the Googlebar language translations has another home, http://googlebarl10n.mozdev.org where that site's aim is to be of help in getting translators, and hopefully keeping them organized enough to keep up with the Googlebar releases. He already has a German translation for, our present stable version.

[216] Submitted by: Geoff Smith Thursday July 24th 2003

Also wondering, ala comment 212, whether the Googlebar can be moved around. I'd like, for example, to be able to move it to between my navigation and bookmarks toolbars in Firebird.

[217] Submitted by: Mark P Saturday July 26th 2003

New user here. Running latest version of Firebird and Googlebar. The toolbar options refuse to remember that I want None + Enter to open in a New Tab. I change it to do so and then it changes back to Same Window. Also the university search icon won't appear but if I "Show Button Labels" then it's visible (until I switch back to icons).

[218] Submitted by: John Woods Sunday July 27th 2003

chiptuned, Geoff Smith, No it can't be moved around.
Mark, when you say latest googlebar, would that be the experimental latest, or stable? Better yet, in the googlebar options page it should give a version number. This indicates a preference bug, never too hard to figure out, but if you can, could you file a bug report.

[219] Submitted by: Mark P Sunday July 27th 2003

It's version in the options page.
Firebird is version 0.6.
I don't know about experimental vs. stable; alas I only "discovered" this browser a day ago and am still quite a newbie. Is there a preference file that I can manually edit to make none+enter = new tab?

[220] Submitted by: Bernd Monday July 28th 2003

This seems to be a problem with Firebird. It works correctly on Mozilla 1.4. As a workaround, you can edit this preference on the about:config screen:

- go to the "about:config" URL
- locate the preference called googlebar.ActionNone
- change the value to 1 (the default is 2 which means "Search in new window")

[221] Submitted by: Zerda Monday July 28th 2003

I'd like a combobox where I can choose where to open _all_ new searches.
Either in the same window, new window or new tab.

Also, the none+enter shortcut can't be changed from "Same window" to anything else...

[222] Submitted by: Mark P Monday July 28th 2003

Bernd- Thank you, that worked just fine.

[223] Submitted by: Bernd Tuesday July 29th 2003

To Zerda:
The current experimental version allows this because the key combinations can be combined. This means that if you set "None" to "New Tab", then every search will be opened in a new tab, so if you set "Ctrl" to "Images", Ctrl-Enter will open an image search in a new tab.

[224] Submitted by: Netahoy Friday August 1st 2003

hey the Google has launched Google India i.e. google.co.in hence can the Localised version list in the options carry the new URL? thxs
Amit (Netahoy) Agarwal

[225] Submitted by: Jason Sunday August 3rd 2003

It would be great if Googlebar had Froogle support.

[226] Submitted by: AndyB Monday August 4th 2003

Jason, check under the "special searches" dropdown menu (the little magnifying glass; I don't know if your theme shows that it's a menu, but clicking on it gives you lots more search options). Basic Froogle shopping has been implemented for a while... unless you were thinking of something more advanced?

[227] Submitted by: nemo Thursday August 7th 2003

I got an error message saying I "shouldn't have gotten here"
and asking me to leave you a note.

Error occurred while searching for "perl DBI:csv:" but once it occurred, no string worked, even after restart and clearing of history.

Installing new experimental release solved the problem.
Old install was probably also an experimental from a couple of weeks back.

Both were installed globally.

[228] Submitted by: Francis Friday August 8th 2003

The updirectory / uplevel feature mimics googles, but I think it ought to normally include the last / so that you get (for example from this page) http://googlebar.mozdev.org/ not http://googlebar.mozdev.org - the latter works but most servers redirect it to the former whihc is wasteful and silly (IMO).

The same thing should happen with longer URLs too I think

[229] Submitted by: Bernd Friday August 8th 2003

Thanks, Francis, I have changed this in cvs (it is really nicer this way)

[230] Submitted by: glen eaton Sunday August 10th 2003

One feature im surprised is not implemented is the auto fill option. I really liked this option, why not implement it?

[231] Submitted by: bw Tuesday August 12th 2003

Easy to make and very useful: On opening automatically focus the text search box,
Now: when I want to search, I leave mouse and reach to the keyboard, press shift-f8, reach for the mouse, click the search box, reach for keyboard, type my query, press enter and reach for mouse to browse the results.
Desired: I reach for keyboard, press shift-f8, type my query, press enter and switch back to mouse for results.

[232] Submitted by: Ross J Wednesday August 13th 2003

When an international version is selected in the Options menu (say, New Zealand) web searches are conducted at the selected international site (in my example, google.co.nz). However news.google.com remains the default site for news searches.

Can the news button on the toolbar be customised so that it also reflects the international version selected in Options (e.g., news.google.co.nz)?

[233] Submitted by: Fran Wednesday August 13th 2003

I'm using Firebird 0.61 and I updated to the new stable version of googlebar (0.7.06) and I noticed that the buttones on the goolge toobar have disappeared. I can get them to reappear by right clicking and selecting "reset button positions" but I have to do this for every new browser window I open. I get this also with the experimental version as well. I get this problem on both WinME and WINXP. Anyone else have this problem.

[234] Submitted by: Zerda Thursday August 14th 2003

To Bernd:
Sounds like a nice idea, but I can't set none+enter to new tab for some reason, it won't save it...
I use Linux, and it worked when I tried it in windows...

[235] Submitted by: Bernd Thursday August 14th 2003

Zerda, are you a recent experimental build ( is the most recent)?
It works here to set
Press: [None] to open a search in: [New Tab]
Press: [None]+Enter in box to search: [Default]

This way, every new search is opened in a new Tab

[236] Submitted by: Bernd Thursday August 14th 2003

To bw:
There is a hidden keyboard shortcut in googlebar: Ctrl-Shift-k
This one toggles the Googlebar between different states, and pressing it twice results in the text being selected.
Here's how it works exactly:
Stateful Show/Focus: interact with the GoogleBar given its current state
using a single keyboard shortcut. The possible state transitions are
- If the toolbar is hidden, toggle (show) it and focus on the criteria box
- If the criteria box is in focus and ...
- ... it has no text, fill in and select a default tooltip
- ... it has less than all of its text selected, select all its text
- ... it has all of its text selected, toggle (hide) the toolbar
- If the criteria box is blurred, then focus on it

[237] Submitted by: John Woods Saturday August 16th 2003

Hey bw,
Not bad... 8 baby steps to reach the Magic of Google.com
And starting from where the googlebar is in the hidden state. Though steps 6 + 7 are on the same device and could be argued to be one step

Now I'll try...
(1)leave mouse to reach for the keyboard,
(2)ctrl-f8(unhide the googlebar),
(3)ctrl-f12(set focus to the search criteria textbox),
(4)type your search,
(5)press enter,
(6)type the first few characters of the link that interests you,
(7)press enter

though steps 2,3,4,5,6 + 7 are on the same device and so this could also be argued to be one step since you seem to be complaining about the device switching (mouse 2 keyboard back 2 mouse)
Though my way has one less step than yours, I'm already at the page I selected, where using your way, after 8 steps you still haven't selected a page to visit.
My way, also involves only one device change. It uses the documented methods (though I like Bernd's response)
Your point is null. Your attitude sucks.

Sounds nasty... we put a new xpi in today, that may solve it. Also after you install this version it will start searching in Nicarauga (if... when setup previously, setup to use the US site) until you open the preferences and set it to your country again.

Ross J,
in googlebarOverlay.js look for

case "news":
searchURL = 'http://news.google.' + onlyInUSA + '

If google.co.nz has the news for your country, then
1) change onlyInUSA to cntry2Srch
2) the "http://news.google." may need to be adjusted to whatever New Zealand's is.
But you would need to change it everytime you install the googlebar, so filing a request for enhancement
{rfe} should get things going to make it available as a preference.

[238] Submitted by: John Woods Saturday August 16th 2003

Ross J,

Ok I decided to check.
Ignore the step 2 stuff, as http://news.google.co.nz is ok.

[239] Submitted by: Troublegum Sunday August 17th 2003

The googlebar is hardly a replacement for the google toolbar that is available for Internet Explorer. I think it has too much features and the usage is much more complicated than in IE.
Is there a problem in just imitating the original user-interface?

[240] Submitted by: dissapointed Sunday August 17th 2003

I was psyched about having a google bar, but I was so frustrated trying to use it that I uninstalled same day.
- Results came up from Nicaragua google. I then had to figure out how to change it.
- Buttons didn't have labels, so I didn't know what they meant. Found and clicked on "show button labels" and it showed labels but the buttons dissapeared.
- I found the highlighting very annoying so I clicked off the highlighting option but they still appeared. Then, in other tabs for other websites, there were highlights on any of the google bar word strigs. Very annoying. Why would google bar highlight search terms on other tabs from sites that had nothing to do with a current search in another tab?
- Couldn't figure how to get an image search button to appear.
- Tried to change search preferences or then click the "next" page of a google search and it told me I was offline or something - I have never seen this odd message before and it is obvious that google bar is making me go offline or appear as such - very bad bug - incredibly annoying.
- Uninstalled with link automatically over net and restarted browser and the bar is still there - uninstall didn't work.

I have no experience of google bar on MSIE, because I only use Mozilla. Does it do all these things in MSIE?

Now I have to try to figure out how to try to uninstall this thing again. I'll try back in 6 months to see if it works any better. Very frustrating experience, not intuitive or helpful at all - in fact, quite the opposite.

I hate to sound so negative, but this was what I experienced. I don't have hours to try to play with and figure out this thing. It should be more intuitive and work better right from the start.

[241] Submitted by: Ross J Sunday August 17th 2003

Thanks to John Woods for his useful tip to localize the News button - it works great. Google News is now available in 8 different country versions so a RFE would be a good idea. The IE version of googlebar already enables the News button to be customized in this manner.

[242] Submitted by: Fran Sunday August 17th 2003

Well I tried the latest experimental version and the toolbar buttons are still missing. I've tried to go back to 0.6.17 which was the last version I tried that showed the buttons but now when I try to do a search, I get the pop-up box telling me that I shouldn't have gotten here and to leave a note on googlebar. Is there some special trick to removing the old (I guess it's actually newer) version? I used the simple uninstall button in the settings options. Is there something else that I need to remove in order to revert back to the previous stable version?

[243] Submitted by: Bernd Monday August 18th 2003

Just a few comments:

Why are you using Mozilla anyway, it also has "too much features" compared to IE? Googlebar has these features because a lot of people requested them. If you want less features, try installing version 0.4.5 (still available at ftp://mozdev.secsup.org/pub/software/mozdev/googlebar/googlebar_045RC.xpi), but note that this version is unsupported. Furthermore, if you don't want any fancy features, don't use them, the default usage (write some text in the textbox, then press enter) works anyway.

> I then had to figure out how to change it.
Shouldn't have been too hard... This will happen if you previously had installed another googlebar version (because we added a lot of international google sites), we meant to include a small disclaimer in the installer, but this was missed in the last minute.

> Buttons didn't have labels, so I didn't know what
> they meant.
Every googlebar button has a tooltip which tells you what it means.

>I found the highlighting very annoying so I clicked
> off the highlighting option but they still appeared.
Highlighting is off by default, I am not sure why it should be on in a new installation. Also, switching it off never was a problem. If this is a real problem, file a bug report about it and include necessary information (such as browser and googlebar versions used)

> Why would google bar highlight search terms on other
> tabs from sites that had nothing to do with a current
> search in another tab?
You might be surprised at how people use the googlebar... especially the highlighting and the automatic search buttons can be used quite independently of any google search.

> Couldn't figure how to get an image search button to
> appear.
Hint: Right-clicking on the googlebar reveals a context-menu, see what happens when you select "Image search" from the "Google searches" menu

> Tried to change search preferences or then click the
> "next" page of a google search and it told me I was
> offline or something - I have never seen this odd
> message before and it is obvious that google bar is
> making me go offline or appear as such - very bad bug
Googlebar is not responsible for your basic network connectivity, and there is no code which could make you "go offline". If this is a persistant problem, file a proper bug report, including all relevant information.

> Uninstalled with link automatically over net and
> restarted browser and the bar is still there -
> uninstall didn't work.
I don't understand the first part of this sentence. Try using the "Uninstall" button from the Googlebar preferences. If this doesn't work, file a bug report and include relevant information.

> I hate to sound so negative, but this was what I
> experienced. I don't have hours to try to play with
> and figure out this thing. It should be more
> intuitive and work better right from the start.
I am very sorry that you had this bad experience, but I must also say that a *lot* of people are using googlebar without problems. Please note: We are not affiliated with Google Inc., therefore there is no big money behind this, all the people working on the project do so on their spare time. Moaning doesn't help, this is a community effort, so please try to be helpful yourself by providing meaningful bug reports.

The "shouldn't have gotten here" message comes from invalid keyboard shortcut settings. This could be due to the downgrade, so my suggestion would be to go to the prefs and set your keyboard preferences again.
What's missing from the uninstall are the user preferences, you can delete them manually from the "about:config" screen (look for all prefs starting with googlebar.), the prefs have changed in the latest experimental, so this might be the reason for this message.

[244] Submitted by: John Woods Monday August 18th 2003

To get 6.17 working you can try this...

In your personal settings folder, is a file 'prefs.js
Close all browser windows first, then edit the 'prefs.js' and remove all the lines that start with 'googlebar.'
For example here are a few:
user_pref("googlebar.ActionAlt", "0");
user_pref("googlebar.ActionAltCtrl", "0");

They are all in the same area of the file, save and then start the browser. First thing, go to the prefs again and set the country to yours.

If that is enough to get you up using 6.17 then use that until we can check the missing buttons out. If you still get the error then you could file a bug.

'- Uninstalled with link automatically over net and restarted browser and the bar is still there - uninstall didn't work.'

in the googlebar preferences, you should see an uninstall button. It just worked for Fran, though she still has some settings meant for a newer version. (hopefully that's all that's wrong)

You could try some of our earlier versions, or maybe They are all in cvs. Or you could even try Doron Rosenberg's
http://mozdev.org/bugs/attachment.cgi?id=1274 out. His is closer to the original. He worked for Netscape, when he was putting that together. It was actually shown to the google folks, as I understand it. Here.

[245] Submitted by: Bernd Monday August 18th 2003

;-) Good morning John... seems you had the same ideas as I.

[246] Submitted by: John Woods Monday August 18th 2003

Good Morning! Your comment wasn't there when I started my reply, and since this doesn't have mid air collision detection, I had no way to know you got there already. (It looks like I just repeated mostly everything you said.) Well.. it just goes to show, on some things we see things very 'eye to eye'. :)

[248] Submitted by: Netscape v7. Thursday August 21st 2003

Does the Google Toolbar work with Netscape v7.1?
Installed the v7.06 version but do not see toolbar!

[249] Submitted by: Arnold Waserman Thursday August 21st 2003

Does the Google Toolbar work with Netscape v7.1?
Installed the v7.06 version but do not see toolbar!
Any ideas why?

[250] Submitted by: John Woods Friday August 22nd 2003

I think Netscape 7.01 is based on an old mozilla (like ancient) so you can save alot of problems with plugins and extensions by keeping it up 2 date. I know ours installs into the wherever the user settings are kept for windows, by default now, where that Netscape may be derived from a mozilla version that didn't know how to use an extension that installed that way.

Unless you have a good reason to keep it at 7.01, I'd try and find a way to upgrade. I have a windows 98 box with 7.1 and the Googlebar .7.06 installed and operating just fine. Otoh, if you want to file a bug, and post the install.log file there, we can see what happened to yours, and maybe have an answer ready for the rest of the Netscape 7.01 installations.

[251] Submitted by: John Woods Saturday August 23rd 2003

I must need glasses, it wouldn't be unreasonable at my age. You already have 7.1, and you don't see a Googlebar.
If you file a bug we can see what's up. You might have a look at the install.log file in the Netscape program folder.

[252] Submitted by: Stephen Sloan Saturday August 23rd 2003

Love the toolbar - am about to make Firebird my browser of choice. I've just got a couple of queries/comments. Firstly for realestate reasons I have the Google bar in IE alongside the drop-down menu buttons in the uppermost toolbar. Any chance of being able to move the toolbar? I understand it may be quite difficult but I'd like Firebird/Googlebar to be at least as customisable as IE! Secondly, could we have a simple way (UI-based preferably) of adding new searches? I don't know much JS and the tips offered in #180 seem a bit too complicated. I'd love to add an IMDB search button and have the option of others.

[253] Submitted by: Dirk Kappert Wednesday August 27th 2003


the google toolbar is a great product. it let me spent much timte, because i do not need to run google. now i may search from everwhere. so if you not jet use this products, please test it, you will be surprised.


[254] Submitted by: Stephen Sloan Wednesday August 27th 2003

Okay, on Mozilla you can't move toolbars around, but in Firebird you can. Any chance of having a Firebird-specific build with this facility? After all it looks like a common desire.

[256] Submitted by: Hannes Sunday August 31st 2003

Toolbar seems to work with firebird 0.6 (20030630).

I would love to see Page Ranking. I am a web designer and just need to find out about my an my customer's ranking. It is so boring to have to boot MS-Windows for that.

[257] Submitted by: stefan Monday September 1st 2003

yeep, i agree to Hannes, it would be fine if you could integrate the PageRank functionality in your great work


[258] Submitted by: Mario Wednesday September 3rd 2003

Yeah, i need only iexplorer because i can view PR with the googlebar for iexplore.

[259] Submitted by: John Woods Thursday September 4th 2003

3 in a row.. want pagerank eh?
Our explanation on this issue is here:

[260] Submitted by: Will Board Thursday September 4th 2003

There are a number of online PR checkers - they estimate a page's PR by using proprietary algorithms that aren't exactly correct but in most cases are spot on. Two are below:

Perhaps the toolbar could query one of these online tools to give an estimate of PR?

Good job with the rest of it guys :)
Will B

[261] Submitted by: Mike Sunday September 7th 2003

Does the Google Toolbar work with Netscape v7.1?

thanks for all the helpful info posted here!

[262] Submitted by: Kalle Monday September 8th 2003

Thanks for the Google Toolbar. I hope Google will help you to build a toolbar with the pagerank for mozilla

[263] Submitted by: Brien Monday September 8th 2003

Would it be possible to have a dictionary search in the context menu? I like to look up words I don't know, and to be able to select the word and then look it up through the context menu would be great. THANKS!

[264] Submitted by: Jose Thursday September 11th 2003

Thank you for your useful information about Google Toolbar

[265] Submitted by: Sean Sunday September 14th 2003

google toolbar is great, i love the dictionary addon and i'm adding some of my own. for example, i added an imdb search into the main configuration of googlebar, but since i dont know the ins and outs of the code, i may have missed something somewhere...

i would like to have used the overlay buttons as described by Robert Fernandes in #181, but lacking a sample i couldnt get it working right. anyway someone can provide a sample of a working overlay addon? (by sample i mean all the config files that would be needed listed in part 2 of #181, espically the content/googlebarExtrasOverlay.js, and the content/googlebarExtrasOverlay.xul

thanks for any help, and googlebar is great! thanks for all your hardwork!

[266] Submitted by: Dany Monday September 15th 2003

I agree that a dictionary search in the context menu would be a great feature.

[267] Submitted by: Scott Tuesday September 16th 2003

The toolbar is great. I've been living in the dark ages before I found this.

I'd love to see a button that will clear the search box. Otherwise when one searches for highlighted text they have to manually erase what's already in the search box. (assuming they aren't just concatenating searches)

Also in the preferences, "United States" is mispelled as "Unites States"

[268] Submitted by: Bernd Tuesday September 16th 2003


holding down the Shift key while pressing the "Search for highlighted text" button will replace the current search text.
There was some discussion about this and probably the default behaviour will change to replace instead of append in a future version of the googlebar.

[269] Submitted by: Scott Tuesday September 16th 2003

Thanks for the info.

[270] Submitted by: prostistudent Friday December 5th 2003

I have googlebar v0.7.0.06, FB v0.7 + a 'Ģ&"?load of other extensions.

I can't disable the context menu items that googlebar provides. I s'pose if I don't get a reply straight away I'm gonna go hunting and delete me some stuff in some files... I'll hopefully do the sensible thing and back them up first though.

That's actually a good way to learn - as long as I can restore the backups I can't seem to hurt Firebird. No, irreparable damage 'caused. Except maybe for breaking the user option to be able to turn off the context menu...

[271] Submitted by: Adrain Friday December 5th 2003

I've downloaded and installed the newest version and when I type in something to search for it always uses the "I Feel Lucky" feature and loads the first website that matches. In order to get a real google search I have to click the G icon. It didn't use to behave this way.

[272] Submitted by: prostistudent Saturday December 6th 2003

Adrain: If you go into 'Googlbar Options' and 'Keyboard Shortcuts' and look at the top where it says "NONE" + Enter to search= xxxxx

If you make the xxxxx = "Same Window" then you should experience the behaviour you're seeking. I'd be willing to bet that the list box currently says "Lucky".

"NONE + Enter to search" means it will use the keyboard shortcut of "Enter" (plus nothing) to search for whatever is in the list box on the right. If you want a shortcut key to "Lucky", change the list box on the left to "Shift" or "Ctrl", or whatever your heart desires.

Does anyone have a reason why my context menu won't go away yet? The checkbox in 'Googlebar Options' appears to do nothing. No matter whether it is checked or not, I still can't rid myself of the context menu items.

Another issue: when something is highlighted in the "search criteria" listbox I cannot type anything until I click 'off' the list and back into the actual box. This is not the intuitive behaviour of listboxes, Googlebar or not. It should auto scroll the list to match what I type, then continue on w/o the list if my typing differs. Needless to say, it is a tad annoying, but nothing to run back to IE for. 8p

[273] Submitted by: Norther Sunday December 7th 2003

Ok, so this browser K-Meleon has a Google search dialog box that pops up which is very convenience (no mouse needed). What you do is hit Control+G and up pops the dialog box in which you type what you want to search Google for and then you hit enter and there it is. I think this would be an awesome addition to Firebird (and probably easy to do?)

[274] Submitted by: Bernd Monday December 8th 2003

I don't know what the problem with the context menu setting is... You could try and see if this preference is changed at all when you check the box: Go to about:config and see if the googlebar.contextmenuoption value changes at all.
A suggestion would be to install the current XPI-rimental version, which has loads of bugfixes compared to the 0.7 release... Since there have been a lot of changes in the preferences handling, this could fix it.

[275] Submitted by: Ralf Friday December 12th 2003

When I decided to switch from IE to Firebird I thought I'd loose the GoogleToolbar feature. So I'm really impressed you made this work in Mozilla! GOOD WORK, GUYS!
Only thing I miss is (covered in the FAQ already) that "Dragging onto another row"-feature because I'm low in screen estate. But either I wait or maybe I'll get me a flatscreen :-)

[276] Submitted by: prostistudent Sunday December 14th 2003

Bernd: Yes the option actually changes in about:config.
I shall go investigate the 'XPI-rimental' version. :)

Thank you.

[277] Submitted by: Pikachu90000 Saturday December 20th 2003

I don't speak Spinash why is it going to a Latin Amacrina site?

[278] Submitted by: Pikachu90000 Monday December 22nd 2003


[279] Submitted by: slava Tuesday December 23rd 2003

os debian
mozilla-firebird 0.7
googlebar defaults to spanish.
how do i make it default to english (for all users)?

[280] Submitted by: UD Wednesday December 24th 2003

I think the "special searches" should turn into two buttons: the pull-down (same as current action) and the button, which will perform the action of the last special search.
That way if I want to look up several words in the dictionary, I can just press the button and not use the pull-down every time

[281] Submitted by: Bernd Wednesday December 24th 2003

This is already possible, just enable the "Save the last search selected..." option from the Googlebar Miscellaneous preferences.

[282] Submitted by: Why in Spanish?!! Wednesday December 24th 2003

I downloaded the Googlebar and it is in English, except the results come back in Spanish! I didn't specify another language, and I don't see a setting to correct this problem. Help please!

[283] Submitted by: why porn Wednesday December 24th 2003

when my kids enter an invalid webaddress a menu for search the web! comes up with porn options, how do I get rid of that screen/webpage.

[284] Submitted by: AndyB Wednesday December 24th 2003

Lots of "whys" lately- kind of makes the scientist in me feel all warm and fuzzy. The Spanish issue has been covered before; try the new experimental version which has the fix, or change the Google country search option (under "Google site options" in the Googlebar preferences section) to United States.

As for porn- whew, pretty sure I didn't see anything like THAT in the code lately, and we're an open source project, so I'm almost certain that has nothing at all to do with us. Usually these "search the web" things come up most often when you install some free program (often filesharing programs or Gator, for example) that changes the "did not find site" error message into going to a company that paid to make themselves your homepage. Of course, I think that usually affects Internet Explorer, rather than Mozilla (which is what the Googlebar works on), but, try looking through your browser settings and changing the search options... good luck.

[285] Submitted by: Zygar Wednesday December 31st 2003

This thing is great! The only reason I was sticking with IE was because of the Google Toolbar, and now that there's a version for moz, I've completely converted! This is awesome! However, there is one problem- the "Clear search history feature is a bit tempermental- sometimes it decides not to clear anything, which is annoying.

[286] Submitted by: Keith Friday January 16th 2004

I'd like to see the "AutoFill" feature of the Google Toolbar for IE added to the Mozilla Google toolbar. I find it very handy.


[287] Submitted by: Mike Rapolas Friday January 16th 2004

I am following on Keith's comment. I like the auto fill to be showing, not in a section that you have to click on. Then when you click on it you get another pop up that has all the info and a box that ask's you if you want to have this info the next time, or something to that effect. I don't remember right at this moment. Auto fill showing would be a lot better.

Thanks, Mike

[288] Submitted by: basu! Monday January 19th 2004

Are there are any plans to introduce the Autofill functionality - like what they have in the IE toolbar?

[289] Submitted by: Mike Rapolas Tuesday January 20th 2004

The IE Auto Fill work great and is only one step. The Form Manager is 2 or 3 steps and most of the time is not correct in filling the spaces.

We need Auto Fill like IE has.

[290] Submitted by: lazy Dane Friday January 23rd 2004

Mozilla is great.
To me the google toolbar is a must.
I use it always for IE.
I suggest that the mozilla version of the google bar should be made part of the mozilla itself, so I do not have to make 2 downloads whenever I want to have the Mozilla browser complete with google toolbar.
Please make it very simple to install.
At least a BIG download-button for google toolbar would be nice.

[291] Submitted by: TechFan Saturday February 7th 2004

I would really like to be able to use the keyboard to get to the search field of the toolbar. I suggested this to google (for the IE toolbar) about 8 months before they implemented it with Alt-G. I know this already seems to be in use though. . .I know about the Ctrl-K for the other search box, but it doesn't have the word search buttons if I use that one. . .I guess it would also work to grab the value of that field automatically for the actual toolbar? Just wishing for a keyboard way to reach the search field.

[292] Submitted by: ianalis Thursday February 12th 2004

how can i add more international versions of google.com? if that's not possible, can you please add the philippine version of google.com (www.google.com.ph) in the next version? thanks!

[293] Submitted by: mish Saturday February 14th 2004

Sorry about any rants earlier. But I *finally* found the Ctrl-F8 key hint. Unfortunately, the emphasis is on the finally. I'm afraid that such a fundamental thing really should be the first thing to be noticed. Um, why isn't this done through the standard View | Toolbar menu? Otherwise another 'must have' toolbar will chew up another special keystroke, and so on...

[294] Submitted by: fred Saturday February 14th 2004

attempting to install/download on a Mac os X 10.3. Install reports "not a valid install package" and download (of any of the releases) reports 404 -- not found. Is the site/server broken? I did this a couple of weeks ago & it worked fine (doing it again recovering from disk crash :-(


[295] Submitted by: John Woods Monday February 16th 2004

The problem you had has been fixed.

To use the keyboard to set the caret inside the search field, try using either Ctrl-F12 or Shift F12. You can also control the keystroke behavior with regard to "selecting all" text in the box... in the Keyboard Shortcuts preference. It can be set to "toggle", or just select everything and keep it selected.

[296] Submitted by: joem Wednesday February 18th 2004

I think this an awesome extension. It's much more convenient to use the toolbar than to have to bring up a new tab with the google page. The google toolbar was the only reason i ever used IE -- now i don't even have to do that. Well done guys!

[297] Submitted by: swarup Wednesday February 18th 2004

great extension! but i have to add to the sentiments of the other people. please implement the auto fill feature of the IE toolbar. firefox may have this but the convenience of the toolbar figuring out which form fields to populate is enormous and a great time saver!

[298] Submitted by: ifLogic Saturday February 21st 2004

Two things. First, this part of the feedback page should be at the top so someone new to this can actually find it with out have to try every link on the page before they get here. At least mention at the top of the page where this submit box is.

Second, and the main reason I came in here, who on earth is the Google page I get when using the Google tool bar in some language I can't even begin to understand. I think it would be useful to users if you could allow them to install acording to their language of choice. English is my language of choice. If there is already a method of doing that, its far from obvious.


[299] Submitted by: maxwelldone Wednesday February 25th 2004

I'm using Firefox 0.8 and Google Toolbar When I go to the Toolbar Options > Miscellaneous and check "Automatically search when item is selected from history" it will never stay checked, and does not search automatically. Is this feature enabled, or is there a work around I could try?


[300] Submitted by: Bernd Thursday February 26th 2004


this was a problem in the preferences code for Firefox, I have created a new experimental installer with version which fixes this. Thanks for the report

[301] Submitted by: Neil Swartz Saturday February 28th 2004

I followed you instructions to delete Google Tool bay for Netscape. I deleted and edited the files you mentioned. It is still there. What do I do now??? Uninstall Netscape???

[302] Submitted by: Radres Sunday February 29th 2004

I like to use tabbrowser extensions with firebird to browse everything in one window. I set up the google toolbar to always open in a new tab. However, it's not smart enough to use a blank tab when one is available. Could this be implemented in a future release?

[303] Submitted by: Rick Wednesday March 3rd 2004

I understand you not being able to add the pagerank feature and that stinks, however I have a suggestion for you that might make up for not having it. If you search on google link:www.domain.com it returns a list of all the linking parterners of a domain and at the top it gives you a number linking sites. When you go to a given site, maybe the bar can query google for that number and post it on the bar like Inbound Links: 36 or something like that...

Being an active participant in the SEO business not having the page rank is the only thing keeping me from never opening IE again!

[304] Submitted by: Jim Thursday March 4th 2004

Using the lastest experimental Googlebar, if I search for: WGFX 104 FM
Googlebar does nothing. (It may start to search but immediately stops.)

If I search for : WGFX FM
Googlebar searches successfully.

Why does the 104 cause Googlebar to fail?

[305] Submitted by: Bernd Thursday March 4th 2004


I could not reproduce this behaviour here, searching for WGFX 104 FM returns about 41 hits... Does this problem occur for other numbers as well? What Google site are you searching? If this problem persists, please nip over to http://googlebar.mozdev.org/bugs/ and file a bug report.

[306] Submitted by: apa Friday March 5th 2004

please add Sweden www.google.se in next release. Tnx.

[307] Submitted by: Mozilla>IE Saturday March 6th 2004

I installed it and it comes up with google.es (Spanish) I want it in english, How do I fix it? :(

[308] Submitted by: Bob Huberman Sunday March 7th 2004

I still haven't found anything quite like Google's auto-fill -- this is a very important feature of the original toolbar, to me, and worth emulating.